Service Skis & Boards

With perfectly prepared skis, skiing is twice the fun!

We at Skifürst are proud of our high end Wintersteiger Ski u. Grinding robot board Discovery. Precise Rochester Edge and structural polish are our standards, because as a World Cup ski racers, we know what it takes to Skischleifen. Also individual edge angle settings are no problem for us. Optimally prepared skis and snowboards make more fun of skiing, and the durability of the equipment shall be extended accordingly. Simply Ski or Snowboard bring the evening and get ready to fix in the morning. For those in a hurry, we recommend our Express Service. Simply submit and wait 5 min - finished.

  Worldcup Racing Service Expert service
sb Express Serv.
Wachsen – Wax2go
  45,-Euro 34,-Euro 22,-Euro 8,-Euro
      Available at anytime in 5-10 minutes Available at anytime in 5 minutes
Full base repair x x    
Racing structure is adapted to snow conditions, temperature humidity and application (GS, SL, SGS, Downhill) x      
Structure is stone grinded x x  
Side edges Upon Request up to 86° degrees Sharpened at 88,5° degrees Sharpened at 88,5° degrees  
Under edges Upon Request from 0° to 2° degrees Under edges 1° degree Under edges 1° degree  
Edge set, sharpen and Polish x x x  
Base waxed and polished x x x x
Upon request „Fine tuning" by hand x